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Montana Emergency Protocols

Posted by Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp is the Executive Director of Adrenal Insufficiency United.
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on Sunday, August 03, 2014
in Emergency Protocols

MONTANA PROTOCOLS                    

Statewide protocols for Adrenal Insufficiency are in place thanks to the hard work of Shirley and Owen Shipp. 


Click here for a copy of the Draft Protocol

EMT (with medication endorsement) Can now administer      AEMT (with medication endorsement) Can now administer
hydrocortisone (Solu-Cortef)                                              hydrocortisone (Solu-Cortef)
methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol)                                      methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol)                                  dexamethasone (Decadron)                                               dexamethasone (Decadron)

Visit Montana EMS

 An Adrenal Crisis can be hard to identify.  It’s your responsibility to make sure you can be easily identified as an adrenal insufficient individual.  You must wear a medical ID necklace or bracelet at all times.  Make sure it reads “adrenal insufficiency:steroid dependent”  You may also add your endo/physician’s emergency number or other information if there is room.  

EMTs often look at cell phones for emgergency information.  Create a contact called ICE (In Case of Emergency) Enter your phycisians name, phone number, your medication doses, emergency contacts etc.  You can also create a screen saver similar to the one below.


AIU also offers products you can use to further identify yourself to EMS workers.  Some photos are shown above.  Visit our store where we also have free downloads of important materials.

Find us on FB or contact Shirley and Owen at the FB page for Adrenal Insufficiency Montana

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Help Save A Life

Posted by Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp is the Executive Director of Adrenal Insufficiency United.
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on Sunday, April 07, 2013
in Emergency Protocols



There are approximately 48,800 fire stations in the USA staffed by about 1,190,000 personnel.

Appropriate and immediate treatment for those in Adrenal Crisis cannot happen unless EMS are aware of the signs, symptoms, and how to treat.

For only $10 we can provide each fire station with the resources needed to put training in place for Adrenal Crisis.  That means we need $488,000.  You might say that’s’s not.  Our reach on Facebook.....friends of those who have liked our page is over 300,000.  That means if we can get 15% of them to give $10 we’ve got it done.  Can you get 15% of your FB friends to donate $10 to save a life?  It’s certainly worth a try.

You can either write in your donation amount on our Website donation page or donate while ordering a kit for your Fire Station

Yes!  We will send kits to other Countries. 

 It takes more than luck to get Solu-Cortef on the trucks,

So help us out . .

And give us ten bucks!

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Adrenal Insufficiency United and First Responders: Creating Awareness to Save Lives

Posted by Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp is the Executive Director of Adrenal Insufficiency United.
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on Friday, August 10, 2012
in Emergency Protocols

Adrenal Insufficiency United and First Responders
Creating Awareness to Save Lives

Fire Rescue International attendees heard us call out.....”Can we share some information that could save a life?”

Of all the opening lines, this one caused most every one to stop and look and by the end of the conference we’d handed out almost 900 CDs.  As always the Firefighters themselves came over right away with expectant looks, smiles and open minds.  They were happy and thankful to hear what we had to say.  A few took more than one CD so they could share them with their fellow fire fighters unable to attend the conference or to pass them on to their head trainers.

Since the conference exhibitors included a majority of businesses selling something, fire chiefs while a little harder to lure over.  However once they realized our purpose was not to sell, but to provide free information, they were very receptive.  Many of the department fire chiefs we spoke to have online documents available to their staff for training.  By providing them with the CD we’ve given them valuable documents to add to their training and we are excited about that!
Many chiefs took enough CD’s to give one to each of their stations.

We want to thank those of you who helped send out emails before the conference.  Several people were actually seeking us out which was a great feeling.  Our thanks also goes out to NADF who helped us promote Dusty’s run for AI awareness and raise funds to attend this conference.  They also sent 8’ x 10’ posters with signs symptoms and treatment information which were a wonderful addition to our CD and brochures.  Charla who has Addison’s and is the NADF support leader for CO helped a great deal.  All of our packages were mailed to her and she picked me up from the airport, helped to set up the booth, then came back the next day to help.  Andrew, who has AI joined us on Friday and shared his personal experiences with those who stopped by the booth.  As a twin, he was also able to share the experiences of his brother. Having two adults with AI who were able to have face to face conversations about their experiences with Adrenal Crisis was powerful.

Saturday, parents and children ran the booth.  Amanda and John with son Gio (who has AI) and nephew Dylan joined me.  Gio, who stood about as high as the table yelled out “people people” and held the CDs out with his little hands.  Who could resist!  Dylan, older and more aware and nervous about asking an unfamiliar adult to take a CD faced his fear and stood by his cousin.  I loved seeing these boys together!  Since Saturday was a little slower Amanda, John, and I were able to see some of the other exhibitors and get some CDs to them.  Great contacts were made with magazine editors, the 911 system, EMS associations, and other exhibitors.  We will be submitting articles, blogs, and proposals in the near future.

So what were these CDs all about?  

By compiling data from several physicians, organizations and EMS departments we were able to create a CD full of information about Adrenal Insufficiency.  This information included:
    Our digital booklet “Adrenal Insufficiency and Emergency Care” converted into a pdf
    A full EMS powerpoint training created from MA EMS for Children
    Protocols from several EMS departments from around the Country
    Case studies representing several AI conditions and age groups
    Letters of support outlining the need for protocols from AIU, CAH IS US, Magic, NADF, and CARES
    The powerful pathway created by Prof. Hindmarsh and CAH IS US

Since we felt these CDs would be so beneficial we made several extras so we could send them out.  We are asking only enough to cover our cost of making and mailing them.  For those living in the USA you may either send an email requesting a CD to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we'll send a paypal request for payment and once your payment has been received we will send out your CD)  You may also mail a check for $5 (per CD) to
P.O. Box 72407
Springfield, OR
don't forget your address.

If you live outside the USA please send an email with your address so we can get a shipping cost.  We'll send you a paypal request for payment then, once payment is received, will mail your CD. 

CDs are free to EMS and will be mailed directly to the Fire Station or Department.  letter for EMS training officer.  Once they send us a request we’ll mail them their CD.  

Our ability to give out free CDs to the EMS department is due to the generous donations of our supporting members.  We welcome donations which can be made by using the Donate Now button on our homepage. 

Together we'll make some great changes!
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